What government rebates and benefits are available to families?

There are two main subsidies offered by the Australian Government for which you may be eligible. These are the Child Care Rebate (CCR) and the Child Care Benefit (CCB). To find out if you are eligible for these subsidies visit the Department of Human Services website humanservices.gov.au

What is the child care benefit (CCB)?

The CCB is a payment provided by the Australian Government that covers 24-50 hours of childcare per week. Eligible parents or guardians must:

  • Meet Australian residency requirements
  • Be enrolled/enrolling in an approved early learning centre (Lifestreamers is one of these!)
  • Meet child immunisation conditions

The amount of CCB you receive varies depending on your income, type of care, amount of care, number of children in care, and whether or not you pass the work, training and study test. This last test is about whether you (or your partner) use childcare due to a work or study commitment. If you do, you could be eligible for higher CCB payments.

What is the child care rebate (CCR)?

The CCR is an assistance program designed to help working families with the cost of childcare. The rebate covers 50 per cent of out-of-pocket expenses not covered by the CCB (up to $7,500 per year per child). In other words, it will help to bridge the gap between your total weekly fees and the amount CCB covers. You can choose to have the rebate paid directly to your child’s centre on a fortnightly basis, reducing your fortnightly fees. Or you can choose to have the rebate paid as a lump sum quarterly into your bank account. If you have a child in an approved centre (such as Goodstart), are eligible for the CCB, and have passed the work, training, and study test, you’ll be eligible for the Child Care Rebate. There is no means test for the rebate.

How do I pay child care fees?

Fees are required 2 weeks in advance on a Monday and payment is made via Hubdebit transfer which will be set up upon enrolment.  You will receive fornightly invoices emailed to you showing your total fee; any government entitlements you may have and your out of pocket expense.

Do I pay if my child doesn’t attend?

Yes.  If you have a permanent booking at the centre fees are payable on days off; holidays; sick days and public holidays.

How do I find out what my child has being doing at child care?

At Lifestreamers we utilise an app called KeptMe, the purpose is to be able to keep you updated on things such as sleeping, eating and toileting routines as well as giving you highlights of your child’s interactions and development as they spend time with us. Your child’s room leader will assist you in setting this up.

How many staff work with my child?

In Western Australia our regulations state the following ratios:

Birth – 2 years old 1:4

2-3 years old 1:5

3-5 years old 1:10

Are staff qualified?

To ensure the highest standards of care, we pay the utmost attention to employing qualified and experienced staff.

Our staff are dedicated early childhood professionals with either a Cert 111 or Diploma qualification, holding current WWC, police check, and relevant qualification certificates.

What does my child need to bring to child care?

Depending on the age of your child changes what you are required to bring.

At Lifestreamers we require the following from our families:

A labelled bag/ backpack

  • Nappies and wipes
  • Milk and bottles
  • Change of clothes
  • Sun hat
  • Water bottle
  • Packed lunch
  • Daily piece of fruit for sharing

Is the centre approved or registered?

Yes. Lifestreamers is a fully accredited and approved centre. We are also assessed regularly to ensure we continue to meet a high standard of care provision.

What are the opening hours?

Lifestreamers is open Monday – Friday from 7.00am – 6.00pm